Cheerleading Uniforms – affordable

It’s amazing how shocked people are to find out their quoted price for their new Rebel Athletic Cheerleading uniforms! When they see the design and sample the quality material, they expect the price to be out of their reach.

Because we produce off-shore, we are able to provide highly unique, intricate, and beautifully customized product at a very cost-competitive price. The hand work and detail that goes into your uniform or warm up results in a true luxury cheer garment – the first of its kind.

We have access to the newest fabrics, embroidery, embellishment and printing technologies off-shore at prices that are simply not cost-effective when producing in the US. We pass those technologies to you in the form of a more unique, more embellished, more cutting-edge uniform at a lower price, without compromising quality.
We understand the importance of your uniform being proprietary to you and we never design the same uniform twice. We are a true “Custom-Couture Uniform Shop” and no two uniforms will ever be remotely the same.

“Our price is the price” and we do not charge per crystal fill, per embroidery layer, per color, per print location, etc… that’s enough to drive you crazy. In fact, the more intricate, detailed and amazing your design gets, the more surprised you’ll be by our price.

ALSO– did you know we will make a free prototype for your team? Contact one of our Reps to find out how to get started wearing Rebel Athletic.