Rebel Models Share Their Favorite Ways to Show Friends They Care

International Friendship Day is Sunday, August 7th. In honor of this special day, we caught up with a few Rebel Models to find out how they show their BFFs they really are the best.

Mail a handwritten letter to your friend. It doesn’t matter if he or she lives around the corner or across the country. Going analog in a digital world makes it super special. —Olivia Bucco

Go swimming and just have fun! It’s summer and I know my friends and I love pool time! It’s all about making time to tell your friend how much you appreciate the friendship. —Elana Tran

Get friendship bracelets/necklaces. My favorite is from Alex and Ani. It’s a bangle with a charm where one half says “best” and the other says “friends.” —Katia Varga

Katia Varga


Gather lots of pictures that you and your friend have taken together, print them, and make a college. Frame it with a big wooden frame or do a creative hanging display. —Mackenzie Sherbern

Have a “GNO” that’s really the complete opposite. Go to either your house or hers, put away your phones, and make your favorite dinner. Then make a dessert and get all your favorite snacks and watch TV or a movie together. —Katia Varga

Leave sweet treats! I like to get my friends candy or cupcakes that I know they like and leave it on their doorstep with a note for them to find. —Taylor Rawson

Give gifts with meaning. Whenever I see something in a store or online that reminds me of her or an inside joke or secrets we have together, I’ll get if for her without telling and give it as a surprise gift. For example, we saw a movie together and are now obsessed with it. I saw a shirt with the character on it so I got it for her and she was so excited! —Katia Varga

Make the time and effort to go their sporting events (even if they aren’t cheer related). —Anna Petry

Anna Petry

Get crafty with your memories. Before one of my best friends left for college, I wanted to make her a cute gift. I bought a mason jar and decorated it. You can use puffy paint, ribbon, sharpies etc. Then, I cut up strips of colored construction paper. On each piece, I wrote a memory that the two of us shared! You can write anything, whether it's a funny moment you two had or a vacation you went on's really nice to know that friends remember the small things! I wrote enough for her to open (one a day) until she finally came home for the holidays. —Francesca Harvey

Memory Jar

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