Rebel Athlete of the Month: January


My name is Devin Rickard and I’m 12 years old. I’m in my 8th season of cheer, and cheerleading is my everything! Cheer has saved me in so many ways, it's something I know will always be there, it grounds me and it makes me, "me".

Outside of cheerleading, I rebel against drugs and alcohol because I lost my dad to drugs when I was little. It’s not something I talk about much but it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and it affects me every day. I spend my lunchtimes at school working with friends on a Kids Against Drugs committee, educating other students about the risks of drugs and alcohol abuse. I plan to continue my efforts with Students Against Drug Abuse through my college years and as a coach one day. No child should have to grow up without a parent and if we have kids understand the dangers of drugs now, it can and will help prevent them from doing it later in life.

In the future, I want to attend the University of Kentucky and get my doctorate in Sports Medicine. I want to help competitive cheerleaders with their injuries and recovery as someone who understands the sport, and also continue to work with drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

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