Rachele Brooke Smith Joins Rebel Athletic to Host “Rebels Are Disruptive” Workshops

REB_4221e_mark-campaign-1DALLAS- 11th April, 2017- Noted actress, motivational speaker and Disruptive Movement founder, Rachele Brooke Smith has joined Rebel Athletic, the company behind #RebelAgainstBullying and Practice Crashers, to continue their mission of promoting athleticism, health, anti-bullying, confidence and self-esteem. As a result of this partnership, Rachele will lead Rebels Are Disruptive- a Rebel Athletic/Disruptive Collaboration workshops at each location during Rebel Athletic’s Live Model Search Casting Calls. Stops include Dallas, Chicago, and Atlantic City and take place this June.

The Disruptive Movement is Rachele’s mission to share messages on ways to stay healthy, live happy and to encourage others to believe in their personal power to make their dreams a reality. By encouraging “disruptive thinking” and creative living, she hopes to help people discover their inner & outer strength, celebrate and hone their unique awesome talents, and create a life they love.

The Rebels Are Disruptive Workshops will be specifically tailored to Rebel model hopefuls, designed to give them confidence and understand the true power they have to disrupt negative actions and be Rebels in their communities. The goal of the Live Rebel Model Search Casting Calls is to meet cheerleaders and dancers across the United States who demonstrate the Rebel attitude of being leaders, challengers and positive influencers amongst their peers. The workshop will help model hopefuls channel their thoughts into actions, and prepare them for the panel interview.

Rebel Models champion the fastest growing fashion and performance apparel company in the competitive cheer and dance industries, while empowering and inspiring other young athletes to achieve their personal and professional goals to create positive change.

“We met Rachele on the set of an independent film called Bomb City where Rebel had supplied uniforms to the actors playing cheerleaders in the film. Rachele and I shared enthusiasm for being involved in the film because we were both passionate about the underlying anti-bullying message of the story. From there I quickly discovered Rachele Brooke Smith was already a Rebel with a cause - changing the world one workshop at a time! There is so much synergy between what we are doing as a brand with Rebel Practice Crashers and our #RebelAgainstBullying initiative and Rachele’s Disruptive Movement workshops, a collaboration was inevitable. I’m thrilled we can involve this passionate young woman in our summer castings as a judge while being able to bring her thought-provoking and possibly life-changing workshops to the cheerleaders who know and love Rebel Athletic.”

-Angela Robbins Hull, Vice President of Brand Development and Marketing at Rebel Athletic

“I am beyond excited to work with Rebel Athletic! It is my mission to help create positive disruption in this world in a really fun creative way, and Rebel could not be a more perfect brand to collaborate with on this endeavor. I want to do all I can to help people disrupt their limiting beliefs, get out of their own way on the path to success, and create a passionate, extraordinary life! I'm so excited that Rebel has a similar mission to empower cheerleaders to stand up for what they believe in, to celebrate our differences not fear them- that you can be super strong, smart, and beautiful all at the same time.”

- Rachele Brooke Smith, actress and founder of Disruptive Movement



Rebel Athletic is the original, and fastest growing, global luxury couture cheer and dance uniform, apparel and accessory company. Rebel offers the most highly customized and intricately detailed garments available in the industry. For more information visit www.rebelathletic.com, on Facebook @RebelAthletic, Instagram @RebelAthletic, and SnapChat @RebelAthletic1



An actress, public speaker and inspiring role model, Rachele Brooke Smith has starred in a variety of films, television, and national ad campaigns, while continuing to expand her creative pursuits and spread her message of healthy living and positivity. Rachele’s past filmography includes leading roles in ‘Center Stage: Turn It Up’, ‘Bring It On: Fight To The Finish’, and ‘Pop Star’.


Rachele is also the founder of The Disruptive Movement, where she travels around the country doing motivational speaking engagements, teaching master dance classes to kids and teens, and producing her web show #BEDISRUPTIVE. For more information visit http://www.rachelebsmith.com/


Press contact: Angela@RebelAthletic.com



Noon - 2:00pm at Evo Athletics | Sarasota FL

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