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Rebel Athlete of the Month: January

My name is Devin Rickard and I’m 12 years old. I’m in my 8th season of cheer, and cheerleading is my everything! Cheer has saved me in so many ways, it's something I know will always be there, it grounds me and it makes me, "me". Outside of cheerleading, I rebel against drugs and alcohol because I lost my dad to drugs when I was little. It’s not something I talk about much but .

Rebel Athlete of the Month: December

  Our December Rebel Athlete of the Month is Katie Henry! Katie is a strong, driven athlete who never lets anything get in the way of achieving her dreams. Hi! My name is Katie and I am a double leg amputee who loves to flip and jump all around! I cheer for Gina’s Gymnastics Cosmic Twist in Missouri. I feel I’m a Rebel because I don’t let anything stop me from cheer – EVER! .