River City Allstars

Meet River City Allstars: A small gym with a huge passion for allstar cheer. RCA is a tight-knit gym of all girls. Yes, all the athletes and coaches are women and girls working together to achieve the same goals. Four sisters with their own unique, bold personalities came together to bring RCA to life. The gym now has nine teams equaling around 125 athletes of all ages and levels who dedicate tremendous time and effort into improving as individuals and a team.

Lindsay, Caitlin, Chelsey, and Kari founded the gym with one clear motive—to give girls in their small town a place to come that they will always feel accepted and welcome. RCA is a very diverse gym, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“We pride ourselves in having a place that accepts everyone as family,” said Lindsay. 

River City Allstars allows girls to build friendships with people they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to meet and get to know. The athletes are constantly pushing one another to be better and building each other up, and that is something to be proud of.

Rebel Athletic and RCA have built a lasting relationship that continues to grow each season. 

“RCA has been with Rebel since the first year we took the Worlds stage. Our partnership is six years in the making and I am confident we will work together for many years to come. Rebel has always gone above and beyond to not just meet our requests, they exceed every expectation,” said Caitlin Mills.

The owners at RCA come up with some amazing ideas and give Rebel’s designers inspiration to bring their visions to life. 

“Rebel has given our small gym a big voice,” said Lindsay, “With Rebel, we have been able to prove that you do not have to go to a bigger gym down the road to have a rockstar experience.” 

Rebel takes pride in that fact that we treat all gyms, no matter how big or small, with the same respect and attention to detail. Our efforts do not depend on the size or talent in a gym. Our goal is to make every athlete feel confident, comfortable, and give them that extra flare to shine brighter on the mat. The owners at RCA feel that they have witnessed their athletes stand a little taller and walk a little different after putting on their Rebel uniform. 

“Our uniforms are so intricate, you can’t help but feel like a star when you put one on,” said Caitlin.

River City Allstars may be proud of how far they have come in the cheerleading industry, but their story is far from over. They are constantly working to achieve more each year and prove that you can go from the bottom to the top. We are so grateful to work with RCA and can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the years to come.