Navarro Cheer wins 14th National title in Rebel Athletic uniforms

Navarro Cheer & Rebel Athletic

Navarro Cheer has quickly become world famous for their athleticism, grit, passion, and most of all, pure love of cheerleading. The entire Navarro Cheer team, along with their incredibly dedicated coaches have stolen the hearts of people all over the world. Yes, even those who have never cheered a day in their life. Navarro athletes represent the Rebel Mark each time they take the sidelines or mat, on their uniforms and footwear. Rebel Athletic proudly outfits this very special program that athletes and coaches worldwide turn to for inspiration.

Navarro Cheer wins 14th National title in Rebel Athletic uniforms
Gabi Butler in Navarro Cheer uniform

What makes Navarro so special?

If you’ve watched the hit Netflix docu-series, Cheer, you already know the answer. Though they call the small town in Texas, Corsicana home, the Navarro cheer program is what makes their college experience feel more like home than anything they’ve ever experienced. Cheer gives viewers the life story of many of the athletes, showing the hardships they have overcome leading up to their time in college. Head coach Monica Aldama positive impact on many of her “kids” shines through in the series. She would fight tooth and nail for any of the athletes who come through the Navarro Cheer program, which allows her athletes to trust her with their lives.

Monica Aldama Navarro Cheer head coach

Hard Work Beats Talent

Navarro cheer practices may seem pretty cut-throat to someone who isn’t familiar with present-day cheerleading. In reality, cheerleaders who watch the show find it totally relatable. Practices are often grueling, exhausting, and painful, but what people now understand, is that cheerleading is a sport where athletes thrive under pressure and find a thrill in overcoming obstacles.

Dress to Impress

Navarro is a cherished part of the Rebel Athletic Family. Their athletes choose to practice and compete in our Rebel Ruthless or Revolt shoes. Rebel shoes help them to seamlessly nail their skills, comfortably and securely. Ruthless and Revolt are supportive, while bending and moving with the athlete’s foot. They fit like a glove that feels natural on the foot even during the long hours of competition days and practices.

See what Morgan told New York Magazine about Rebel footwear here.

Not only do the Navarro athletes choose to wear Rebel footwear, Monica and her assistant coaches dress their team in Rebel uniforms on the sidelines and for Daytona Nationals, the most important event of the year for them. They compete in 5 different uniforms, all #RebelCouture looks designed just for them, that the team feels comfortable and confident wearing. There is nothing like lacing up your cheer shoes and walking out the door in head to toe Rebel, ready to compete in your sport in front of crowds of thousands. Though their skills are the real jaw-dropper, adding the Rebel Mark is the icing on the cake that ensures they stand out and look as amazing as they truly are. 

Navarro Cheer wins 14th National title in Rebel Athletic uniforms
Navarro Cheer wins 14th National title in Rebel Athletic uniforms
Navarro Cheer wins 14th National title in Rebel Athletic uniforms


Now that you’ve heard it from us, go ahead and binge-watch Cheer if you haven’t already. Be on the look-out for Rebel Athletic President, Karen Noseff Aldridge and other Rebel Athletic staff throughout the show. You’ll see the stunning Rebel Couture uniforms and shoes worn by athletes in each episode. Rebel is proud to outfit some of the best in the industry and will continue to set trends and stay ahead of the game as cheerleading continues to evolve. Finally, if you missed Navarro Cheer on the Ellen show, wearing head to toe Rebel Athletic, watch their segment on Ellen Tube now. 

navarro cheer wearing Rebel Athletic