We recommend only hand-washing your Rebel Athletic apparel (do not dry clean). We also recommend using Dreft Laundry detergent and Stain Remover.

 Wash your items inside out in a clean sink with ice-cold water. 

Fill sink with cold water + detergent. Soak garments in the solution, then drain. Fill the sink with water only to rinse, multiple times if needed. Do not rub the fabric against itself. 

Air-dry on a flat surface over a white towel, with a white towel between the garment layers to prevent any color transference, or on a drying rack to allow airflow while the garment dries.

Tip to remember when rocking your Rebel Athletic apparel: Perspiration, deodorant, hairspray, glitter spray, sunless tanning products and lotions may affect the color of your garment.  Take precautions to avoid transference.

For apparel that has a waistband made in our specialty fabrics such as Unicorn Hologram, Rainbow Sparkle, Mystique or embellishments (e.g. studs, crystals, vinyl), we highly suggest using a clamp-free hanger to deter indentations or damage to the garment.


We recommend using a damp, white cloth to clean the inside of your bag.  Gently spot clean the high-density sparkle ONLY when necessary with a damp, white cloth. Do not use any harsh cleaners, chemicals or submerge in water, as it will compromise the integrity of your Dream Bag.

Rebel Dream Bags are meant to last a lifetime of competitions, workout sessions or sleepovers so be mindful of what items you transport in the bag.  Our Dream Bags are durable and were initially designed with cheer athletes in mind.  Please avoid overfilling or using the bag to carry heavy objects. 

Dream Bags recommended carrying weights

Sparkling Fabric Dream Bags – up to 30 pounds
Vintage Mermaid Dream Bag – up to 24 pounds
Glossy Dream Bags – up to 18 pounds



Lost a crystal or two?  We’ve got you covered! Included with your purchase of a crystal-embellished garment or Dream Bag are complimentary replacement crystals should you have minor crystal loss. We recommend using e6000 Craft Adhesive (can be purchased at any fabric, craft or multi-purpose store) to reattach the crystals.