Apparel Apparel

We recommend only hand-washing your Rebel Athletic apparel (do not dry clean). We also recommend using Dreft Laundry detergent and Stain Remover.

 Wash your items inside out in a clean sink with ice-cold water. 

Fill sink with cold water + detergent. Soak garments in the solution, then drain. Fill the sink with water only to rinse, multiple times if needed. Do not rub the fabric against itself. 

Air-dry on a flat surface over a white towel, with a white towel between the garment layers to prevent any color transference, or on a drying rack to allow airflow while the garment dries.

Bags Bags

We recommend using a damp, white cloth to clean the inside of your bag.  Gently spot clean the high-density sparkle ONLY when necessary with a damp, white cloth. Do not use any harsh cleaners, chemicals or submerge in water, as it will compromise the integrity of your Dream Bag.

Crystals Crystals

Lost a crystal or two?  We’ve got you covered! Included with your purchase of a crystal-embellished garment or Dream Bag are complimentary replacement crystals should you have minor crystal loss. We recommend using e6000 Craft Adhesive (can be purchased at any fabric, craft or multi-purpose store) to reattach the crystals.