Opalescent Crystals

Opalescent Crystals have a gorgeous iridescent sparkle. With a clear base, it picks up tones of every color in the rainbow. Move around your garments with Opalescent Crystals to watch them change in each lighting.


Diamond Crystals

One of our classics. A dazzling clear crystal that won’t go unnoticed. 



Jet Crystals

You can’t go wrong with some stunning black sparkle. For a subtle shine on an all-black look, Jet is the one for you. 

Crystal UnicornCrystal Unicorn

Crystal Unicorn

One of our most unique crystals

The Crystal Unicorn looks like a pink/orange blend at first glance, but transforms into an amazing multi-colored, rainbow sparkle as it catches the light from all angles.

Crystal MermaidCrystal Mermaid

Crystal Mermaid

The Crystal Mermaid speaks for itself. If you asked a mermaid their favorite crystal- this would be it!  

A stunning multi-colored blend, consisting primarily of shades of hot pink.