Rebel Talent

Rebel Casting Call Update

YES! We are having a Casting Call in 2020 and will most definitely be searching for #RebelLevel talent. Our current talent roster will need to reapply as required every year so that we know you still want to be considered. We’re opening our search to those ages 6 - 27 as of September 2020. 
The process will probably be a little different than in years past and we will keep you updated here as we move forward. Application details and live event information will be posted as soon as we have a plan in place that is both safe and reasonable.
Please don’t email/DM/call for additional information. Our team knows what’s posted here and no more. 
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The updates sent via email and posted here will include answers to questions we know you’ve got including deadlines, requirements, 2020-2021 tentative schedule, etc. 
YES! YES! YES! We are excited about the upcoming year and the opportunities for our #RebelFamily